About Just Nerissa

Just Nerissa provides ethically-sourced, fairtrade gifts and homeware.

My products deliver quality workmanship and style, without compromising on ethical production or value-for-money.


Who is Nerissa? …

Nerissa was my late mother – passionate, witty with a generous spirit; who in her 70s and 80s was inspired to raise funds for charities here, there and everywhere.

She believed that little efforts would make lots of difference to many lives – an ambition that I aim to continue through my shop.


Why Just? …

We all know that life is not fair all of time. We can, however, help make things a little fairer every once in a while.
Everything I do is focused about this mantra – just as Nerissa would have liked it.

Always giving – here, there and everywhere!

When shopping with Nerissa you can be assured of the following:

  • Fairtrade suppliers – just ask for more information
  • Recycled materials, so my products are fairer on the environment
  • Local, British suppliers when possible; to help minimise carbon footprint
  • Fair prices – I keep margins reasonable, providing value for all